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2020 Tournament Info & Schedule

2020 Tournament Dates

February 9  |  March 22 (cancelled) |  April 19 (cancelled) | May 17 | June 14 | July 12 | September 13 | October 11 | November 15


Combative Pistol

Psycho Squad Combative Pistol Tournaments are scenario based tournaments designed to get you better prepared to stay in the fight.

Hands down, this is some of the most valuable hands on training you can get for the money.

​These are high round count stages. Minimum 3 stages per tournament. There will be reloads, there will be malfunctions, there will be stress. Come prepared.

Tournament Details | Gear Needed

Below is a list of more details about the tournament, feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

What To Expect

Psycho Squad welcomes shooters of all skill levels. We have new shooters, all the way up to well trained Competition shooters. All we ask is that you practice the basic firearms safety rules. Be aware of your surroundings. We watch for potential training areas while you are shooting, we will point out any safety issues we see and give you the opportunity to continue shooting and improve your safety throughout the rest of the tournament.

Although these are timed stages, and this is a competition. We encourage shooters to come out and have fun and take in the knowledge and experience. This is a group of guys that encourages each other to get better, and you can learn from watching better shooters. We do not tolerate assholes. You will be asked to leave if you do not respect the other shooters and the Psycho Sqaud property.

How Long Is The Tournament

Typically Psycho Squad tournaments are about 3 hours depending on how many shooters we have. We do our best to keep things moving smoothly to stay on that time schedule.

Mandatory Items To Bring
  • Handgun with 3 magazines (single stack, 5-7 magazines)

  • Holster

  • Magazine pouch (pockets work in a pinch)

  • 200 Rounds of ammo (round count for these stages are dependant upon your capability as a shooter)

  • Ear and eye protection